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The death and revival of football in Mauritius

Just kidding folks, Mauritian football is actually pretty much dead. And by dead, I mean it has had its soul ripped out and put away in a very secure location that pretty much everybody involved then forgot about. Subsequent efforts to find it, which involved incredible feats such as sitting down and doing absolutely nothing or even standing and still doing absolutely nothing, ultimately failed. The death of football in Mauritius eventually joined the famed ranks of #deathoffootball on Twitter alongside Manchester City and Carlton Cole's career.

Mauritius football is dead

Deal with it

However, the great news is that I can use this wasteful post to list the best places you should check out for insightful football coverage. You can use these to catch up on great football articles by both professional writers and those who do it for a hobby. If you want quick news and updates, you can check out the usual suspects such as BBC Sports, Skysports, and Mirror Football (my personal favorite).

Phil McNulty
Phil McNulty is BBC Sport's chief football writer. He does not post daily, but his articles are always excellent and the guy has quite a following among football fans. He exclusively covers English football (mainly the Premier League most of the time) and seems to have an unhealthy obsession with Liverpool. In fact, it has been shown Liverpool's shocking form in the 2009/2010 season was a direct result of McNulty tipping them to the title. Good times!

Website: BBC Sport Phil McNulty

Jonathan Stevenson
Jonathan Stevenson is another BBC Sports writer who's extremely popular for his BBC Live commentaries where he's mainly known as Stevo. He's probably the best live text commentator you could find as long as you pay no attention to his predictions. He does not write as often as McNulty (understandable due to his livetext duties), but writes on more topics, including European football.

Website: BBC Jonathan Stevenson

Henry Winter
Henry Winter works for The Telegraph and is considered one of the best football writers around.

Martin Samuel
Martin Samuel is best known for his witty articles that have been acclaimed by both sports fans and non-sports fans. It is worth noting that he does not exclusively write about football. If you have any interest in journalism, he's one of the few guys you should absolutely check out as his command of the English language and his ability to draw readers in are out of this world.

Website: Martin Samuel

Zonal Marking
Zonal Marking is the only non-professional of the list but don't let that fool you; the guy is revered in the footballing communities for his excellent analysis of matches. He focuses on tactical analysis but will occasionally churn out other articles such as his recent European Team of the Season 2010/2011. As you can see from the latter, he seems to have a hard-on for a few players (Actor of the Season 2010/2011 winner Dani Alves and van der Sar spring to mind), but is still well worth following if you dream about tactics or are obsessed with the Football Manager games.

Website: Zonal Marking

Don't forget to point this article out to your football fanatic friends. They'll be sure to love you for it!

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