The problem with LinkedIn

I used to admire LinkedIn. It served a purpose, had a solid business model and meant recruiters could easily find me and contact me. LinkedIn had the amazing advantage of doing three things that could seemed contradictory at first glance but worked in its unique ecosystem:
Provide me with a convenient place to host my resumeAllow me to contact recruiters and peersDo so without being an addictive platform like Facebook or Twitter (my personal opinion)
Basically, the sweet thing about LinkedIn is that you could just create your profile and only log in when absolutely necessary such as when you changed jobs or earned a new qualification. LinkedIn had a definite purpose and everybody was using it the way it was meant to be utilized: as a platform to connect recruiters and prospective candidates and to allow professionals to grow their networks and showcase their skills.

Then, things changed. People started using LinkedIn as a way to get in touch with key executives to sell their products o…

Fast food in Mauritius

Note: this is a follow-up to my Mauritius recipes post. While reading the first article is not necessary to read this new one, you are highly encouraged to do so. Everybody's doing it, and you'll feel left out if you don't.

Fast food in Mauritius comes in many forms, but I'm going to stick for super fast food in our case. This includes the usual suspects Kentucky Fried Chicken, McDonalds, and pizza shops such as Pizza Hut, except I'm not going to cover pizza shops because there are too many of them. I am aware that other snacks that sell noodles, fried rices, and any other food that's prepared in around 10 minutes (or 30 minutes at peak hours) are also technically fast food, but that's something I'll leave for another post, if ever I'm inspired again on the subject.

When it comes to quick fast food, the two major brands are available in Mauritius:
  • Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC)
  • McDonalds (...McDonalds - I was going to stick to Donalds as a shorter term, but I don't want to be issued by Walt Disney, as I hear they are really anal about trademarks)
KFC has been around for very long. In fact, at one point, they used to be the only fast food Mauritians knew about, which is not hard to do when you're the only outlet available. The food was good too. I still remember plunging into those buckets and dreaming about KFC every time I knew I would be able to feast on their burgers and wings (they had a very limited selection at the time).

Then, somebody at the KFC head office must have gone "Screw this! They'll buy our food even if it's crap!". And KFC went ahead and turned crap. Like, really, really crap.

McDonalds, on the other hand, is fairly new, and there are so far only two shops available. The original one is in Port Louis, and is very ideally located near the Caudan Waterfront underground passageway. The second one only recently opened in Phoenix amidst huge controversy, which everybody has now stopped giving a damn about (a common Mauritian trend).

The thing about fast food in Mauritius is that it is the complete opposite of what you would find in Europe and the US.

This means that:
  1. KFC is crap.
  2. McDonalds is great.

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Kentucky Fried Chicken
He smiles like a rapist.

The annoying thing with the KFC shops in Mauritius is that some of the food is really disgusting. The side items like the chicken strippers and wings are fine, but the burgers and fries are seriously horrible. In spite of this, the shops are always packed with people, but I personally know many who would fall sick after just one bite of a KFC burger and consequently stopped eating KFC altogether. For the record, I'm part of the latter category.

A Mauritius KFC burger
I only look tasty.

The other issue with KFC is that, in addition to the natural disgusting taste of their core menu, their food often gets undercooked or stale as soon as they get busy (which generally occurs from 11.30 in the morning to one hour before they close).


Fast food in Mauritius
Fries or no fries.

Funnily enough, the McDonalds in Mauritius have great food, which is the complete opposite of what you'd find in, for example, England. Their fries actually taste like fries, and the food advertised and the food you can buy are actually the same. Their shops are always incredibly busy like the KFCs though, so watch out for queues.

The one issue I have with the McDonalds in Mauritius is that they often mess up on orders. Unless you don't mind being literally screwed, you should always check your food before your leave the shop as they often forget to include items you paid for and will often act like it's your fault if you complain about it later. This is yet another reason why you should always hold on to your receipt and learn to love it.

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