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The meteo in Mauritius is a hassle

Note: this is a follow-up to my recent The meteo in Mauritius post. Read it!

The weather conditions in Mauritius remain a hot topic, which is always a trend at this time of the year and should be for the next 500 years. And by 500 years, I obviously mean forever.

The good news is that it actually rained this past week. As usual, the Mauritian population was however told that the situation is still a hassle and that Mauritians should be extremely careful with their water consumption. Note that this applies only to normal people and is not effective with hotels, hostels, friends of politicians, and crooks. Whoever can point out the difference between the latter two wins a cookie, but you'll need to buy it yourself.

The fact that water is such a big issue has of course resulted in tons of debates on the topic with everybody chipping in with his own advice. The Central Water Authority is as usual inept at dealing with the situation. As an example, no less than 267% of the rain that fell during the week was instantly lost. I just made that number up, but you get the idea.

At this rate, the only thing that could help Mauritius out is a freaking flood, but I'm figuring even that would be useless given the professionalism of the Central Water Authority wastemen. Cyclones moreover seem to have completely forgotten about Mauritius, which is bad news for those who welcome the holidays they entail (99% of the Mauritian population).

If you want to keep updated on the meteo in Mauritius, the Meteo Maurice blog is a great place to check out. They are regularly updated with news about the weather in Mauritius and other more general topics that still relate to the Mauritian climate.

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