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Your guide to the Mutual Aid Mauritius

When it comes to Mauritius and finances, one of the organizations to absolutely know about is the Mutual Aid Association Ltd. The Mutual Aid is a civil service that was set up in 1983 to provide loan facilities to those who need money for various purposes. It has rapidly grown in popularity thanks to its great rates when it comes to loans (which is not that surprising when one considers that all the banks in Mauritius exist purely to make money off your unsuspecting soul).

The Mutual Aid Association is also great when it comes to pension schemes since all the insurance companies in Mauritius exist solely to coerce you into signing contracts that basically turn you into their slaves. In fact, a lot of people have also taken to signing up for the Mutual Aid Retirement Saving Funds and it has probably become their most popular service (this is just an assumption; I'm not sure if there are any official figures).

This is understandable when you take into account its figures. According to the Mutual Aid's Table of Benefits, you will obtain around Rs 1.2 million if you contribute Rs 1,000 per month over a period of 30 years. This means that you will contribute Rs 360,000 for a lump sum of Rs 1.2 million. Even after taking inflation and the fact that you will be paying for the government's inability to lead the country into consideration, this is a pretty neat return and an extremely attractive package.

Contributions can also be increased and decreased at any time without the hassle you would have to do through with a Mauritius insurance company. This is very helpful for those people whose financial situation will change like a rollercoaster over the course of these years, i.e. basically everybody who does not personally know someone in politics. Moreover, considering that it's a civil organization, it's probably going to be there after those 30 years.

Mutual Aid in Mauritius
"Damn insurance bled me to death."

There also have various other services which you can check out on the official Mutual Aid website. The only problem is that the website is seriously ugly and seems to have been put up quickly by a 10 year old (and not even a genius). It nevertheless has all the information you need, and you can also download application forms from the website. This is good news as contacting them by phone is often a pain since this is a civil organization and nobody's ever at their goddamn seat.

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