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Mauritius wiki - the full list

Wikipedia came and change everything, and eventually Wikis became an integral part of the Internet. I'm not going into the debate of wikis versus traditional encyclopedias since this has been done to death and adding one small pebble in the ocean will probably go unnoticed.

I can however compile a list of the wikis that relate to Mauritius. This should be useful to anybody's who searching for Mauritius wikis to vandalize. Why should you though? This blog is all you need and is already about one million times more useful than all the wikis in the universe. And although you cannot actually vandalize this brilliant news blog, you can always drop a well-thought insult on the Mauritius News Facebook page or follow us on Twitter. Doing so makes everybody happy...

Pissed off dog this guy.

To be honest, my research has shown that there are not many wikis devoted to Mauritius. In fact, as usual, Wikipedia seems to be the only one available with an extremely exhaustive Mauritius page, and its content is merely being copied by other wikis. Some tests I conducted have also shown that these lesser-quality wikis are automatically reflecting changes made on the original Mauritius page on Wikipedia.

Mauritius on Wikipedia
This is the Mauritius page on the world's most famous wiki. You can find links to other pages devoted to particular topics related to Mauritius from here.

Wikipedia logo
Pictured: a monopoly.

That's pretty much the only one you need to bother about. I've also seen a couple of websites that claim to be "Mauritius travel wikis" but have absolutely no relevant information and focus solely on plugging their "mind-blasting deals" in your face. Make sure your anti-virus software is updated if you do want to check out these websites as they also look extremely shady.

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