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The problem with LinkedIn

I used to admire LinkedIn. It served a purpose, had a solid business model and meant recruiters could easily find me and contact me. LinkedIn had the amazing advantage of doing three things that could seemed contradictory at first glance but worked in its unique ecosystem:
Provide me with a convenient place to host my resumeAllow me to contact recruiters and peersDo so without being an addictive platform like Facebook or Twitter (my personal opinion)
Basically, the sweet thing about LinkedIn is that you could just create your profile and only log in when absolutely necessary such as when you changed jobs or earned a new qualification. LinkedIn had a definite purpose and everybody was using it the way it was meant to be utilized: as a platform to connect recruiters and prospective candidates and to allow professionals to grow their networks and showcase their skills.

Then, things changed. People started using LinkedIn as a way to get in touch with key executives to sell their products o…

McDonalds in Mauritius

As promised to nobody in particular, this is a post and a quick review about McDonalds in Mauritius. I recently blogged about KFC in Mauritius, mainly as a knee-jerk reaction to the launch of their horrible website. Make sure to check it out as it trumps anything published on the Internet about Kentucky Fried Chicken in Mauritius.

Since it would be unfair and downright inappropriate to focus entirely on KFC (since, you know, it sucks!), this is my opinion about McDonalds in Mauritius. I did publish a more general write-up about fast food in Mauritius a few months ago. You may also want to read it as it's been proven to have a positive effect on the sun (which we all need).

McDonalds took a very long time to come to Mauritius. This may be due to the fact that Mauritians are in general completely infatuated with KFC or McDonalds just did not give a damn about a small island in the Indian Ocean where many people do not eat beef. However, as fast food started becoming a staple of the f…

Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) Internet Banking website - an analysis

One of the first posts I created for this blog involved creating a list of the main banks in Mauritius. While the complete lack of comments may indicate that it was a waste of space, rest assured that it is actually one of the most-read posts on this blog (thanks to an incredible combination of insightful knowledge, good English, blogging skills, and a horrible layout). If you have not yet read it and shared it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, I highly advise that you do so.

In keeping up with my efforts to make this website the best source of information for everything related to Mauritius, this blog post will be dedicated to an analysis of the Mauritius Commercial Bank Internet Banking website.

I have picked the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) website for three main reasons:
It's the most popular bank in Mauritius. It supposedly has the best Internet Banking section of all the banks in Mauritius. I do not advance this statement as a fact since I have personally never used …

KFC Mauritius has launched its new website

A few months back, I blogged about fast food in Mauritius and did a small comparison between KFC and McDonalds in Mauritius. The fast food war was horrible and took many lives, but in the end, justice prevailed. The outline is that fast food in Mauritius is the complete opposite of the situation in other major countries such as European nations and the US. Basically, it means that KFC Mauritius is crap while McDonalds is excellent, and both are in almost the same price range.

KFC MauritiusKFC Mauritius recently launched their website which is available at Obviously, since this relates to both Mauritius and the Internet, it is downright impossible for this to go unmentioned on the world's greatest Mauritius-related blog (which is why you should bookmark it and share it with your friends).

This new website is great news for KFC-lovers (99.5% of the Mauritian population) around Mauritius as it has a lot of useful information, including menus, store locations, and a whole lo…