Sep 8, 2011

KFC Mauritius has launched its new website

A few months back, I blogged about fast food in Mauritius and did a small comparison between KFC and McDonalds in Mauritius. The fast food war was horrible and took many lives, but in the end, justice prevailed. The outline is that fast food in Mauritius is the complete opposite of the situation in other major countries such as European nations and the US. Basically, it means that KFC Mauritius is crap while McDonalds is excellent, and both are in almost the same price range.

KFC Mauritius

KFC Mauritius recently launched their website which is available at Obviously, since this relates to both Mauritius and the Internet, it is downright impossible for this to go unmentioned on the world's greatest Mauritius-related blog (which is why you should bookmark it and share it with your friends).

This new website is great news for KFC-lovers (99.5% of the Mauritian population) around Mauritius as it has a lot of useful information, including menus, store locations, and a whole load of finger-lickin' crap. It also has a games section, which is a huge waste of space. I'm hoping McDonalds also launch a website for their Mauritius branches since their menu is more exhaustive and I know a lot of Mauritians know absolutely nothing them.

Overall, it's a neat website but it does suffer from a couple of serious flaws. The one thing I absolutely hate about the KFC Mauritius website is that its integration of Facebook comments into the website is quite poor. The website itself uses red (KFC official colors) while the Facebook background is white, which leads to a vicious clash of colors. They are also using the non-vanity Facebook Page URLs in their footer, which is a really poor decision as it needs to be redirected to the vanity URL once someone clicks on it.

Finally, the whole website is in French when Mauritians are more inclined to perform online searches in English. Ideally, the whole website should have been in English or it should have included both an English and a French versions. Funnily enough, the website, which was launched a couple of weeks ago, is barely visible in search engines even for brand name searches as shown in the screenshot below (although this situation is likely to change thanks to this post - you're welcome, KFC!).

KFC Mauritius in Google
Not so finger-lickin' good!

Hell, even this blog is faring better for many KFC Mauritius-related searches, which is why you should keep sharing it.

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