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McDonalds in Mauritius

As promised to nobody in particular, this is a post and a quick review about McDonalds in Mauritius. I recently blogged about KFC in Mauritius, mainly as a knee-jerk reaction to the launch of their horrible website. Make sure to check it out as it trumps anything published on the Internet about Kentucky Fried Chicken in Mauritius.

Since it would be unfair and downright inappropriate to focus entirely on KFC (since, you know, it sucks!), this is my opinion about McDonalds in Mauritius. I did publish a more general write-up about fast food in Mauritius a few months ago. You may also want to read it as it's been proven to have a positive effect on the sun (which we all need).

McDonalds took a very long time to come to Mauritius. This may be due to the fact that Mauritians are in general completely infatuated with KFC or McDonalds just did not give a damn about a small island in the Indian Ocean where many people do not eat beef. However, as fast food started becoming a staple of the famous Mauritian culture (currently for all the wrong reasons), it became obvious that we would one day see McDonalds competing with KFC.

It happened several years back when the first McDonalds Mauritian shop opened in Port Louis after much hype and anticipation. It is fair to say that this McDonalds shop pulled off a real coup with its extremely strategic location near the Caudan Waterfront passageway. It's hard to miss and is consequently almost always chock full of McDonalds lovers and potential KFC traitors. This Port Louis shop was recently joined by a Phoenix one, which is not so strategically located since Phoenix is pretty much a ghost town. In fact, I foresee every mall there closing within the next two to three years (check back here for updates).

Mr. T likes McDonalds
McDonalds wants you.

There are several noteworthy points about the McDonalds shops in Mauritius, especially if you are not based in Mauritius:
  • The food is actually good and is nothing like the McDonalds in Europe or the US.
  • The burgers are however smaller. I have no idea if McDonalds thinks that we have smaller appetites or if they are just tapping into the apathy of lepep admirab too.
  • McDonalds' menu is slightly more expensive than KFC.
  • Their milkshake is sweet as hell and is certainly not for people who need to watch their sugar levels (unfortunately an increasing proportion of the hungry Mauritian population). Mixing it with a lot of water does not seem to work either (nor does vodka). It is however pretty tasty.
In fact, if you have to choose between McDonalds and KFC in Mauritius, it is wiser to choose McDonalds. Both are pretty unhealthy, but McDonalds does not yet have a history of poisoning its customers and does not seem to have a hidden agenda at the moment. It is however less fulfilling than KFC due to the smaller size of the burgers, so you may wish to compensate with more fries (or booze).

My main gripe with McDonalds is that the customer service can be pretty poor at times. And by "at times", I obviously mean almost always. I don't know if their staff are trained to do so, but they always forget to include napkins, ketchup (which also tastes really weird) and chilli. Unless you take the time to thoroughly check your order before leaving the shop, it is almost certain that something will be missing.

I used to shrug it off and believe that these were honest mistakes but the consistency at which this happens has caused me to change my mind. I have also had instances of real screw ups in the food order with small chips being served instead of medium ones. Still, the McDonalds fast food in Mauritius is quite good and a good choice whenever you are hungry. More McDonalds shops in the island would also be welcome, especially in busy towns like Rose Hill and Quatre Bornes.

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