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The best football adverts that have nothing to do with Mauritius

While I like football, there's unfortunately not much to write about in the Mauritius context. There supposedly exists a Mauritian football league with a bunch of teams kicking the a ball around from time to time but its death has already been documented.

On the other hand, here are the best football adverts (my opinion) ever conceived courtesy of YouTube.

Take It to The Next Level is an advert by Nike directed by Guy Ritchie (mostly known for Snatch and Sherlock Holmes). Since it features a Dutch player who signs for Arsenal, there have been a lot of debates about whether this is Robin van Persie (also known as The Glassman) or the player is actually supposed to be the viewer. I personally believe the latter theory as van Persie is left footed but the player in the advert is very clearly right-footed.

The FA: Whatever Your Level is a parody of the Take It To The Next Level ad by Nike. It is obviously only popular in the United Kingdom but is absolutely brilliant.

Nike's Write the Future was created for the World Cup 2010. While a great video, it nevertheless features several inaccuracies such as Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo performing at national level.

Jose +10 by Adidas - possibly the best football advert ever produced.

Germany also recently release a really cool advert depicting the young German squad training IN REVERSE.

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