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Football betting in Mauritius

Mauritius has been branded a "nation zougadere", and football betting is now a big thing in the island. Some people bet every week, some every day after hours of research because football apparently is a fine art whose outcomes can be determined by thoroughly analysing past fixtures and results. Because, you know, the better team is always supposed to beat the crap team with a budget that's lower than the star striker from "the favourite".

"Biting Yes-No" is now a betting option whenever Luis Suarez plays

For example, I was recently on the bus and two guys were talking about football behind me. They were not just talking about the Premier League (still the preferred league in Mauritius in spite of the fact that the damn thing's wrapped up already) but were instead bragging about how they knew so much about smaller leagues such as those in Argentina, Belgium, Luxembourg and Romania through betting.

Breaking news guys:

  1. knowing "so much about football" (you'll understand the quotes through the second breaking news below) through betting means you have a serious problem
  2. if in 2015 you still do not understand that Xabi Alonso is a deep-lying playmaker and not a defensive midfielder, you should never call yourself a football fan
  3. spending hours researching past results and statistics is not going to prevent a big favourite from playing like shit (which is basically what Manchester City have been doing for 6 weeks and Borussia Dortmund FOR AN ENTIRE FRIGGING SEASONS)
  4. knowing about football is not an accomplishment unless you are a celebrated football critique like Jonathan Wilson or Michael Cox

There actually now exists a trend on Facebook (and maybe Twitter, but then football fanatics in Mauritius do not have to time to go on Twitter because "you can't stalk people there") where Pages profess to know the results of rigged matches and are selling outcomes. These outcomes range from knowing which team will win to half time/full time results, and include even scores. Football is also a script where footballs have been instructed how many times they should score. Of course, there's a catch to this. These "tips" are not for free; there is a price to pay which could be 20 Euros but I have also stumbled across people charging 200 Euros and above for so-called match fixes.

Since we live in a money-obsessed world, these Pages often have a large number of followers and fans looking forward to make a quick buck on football matches. They didn't stop one second to think about the following:

  • If they had access to fixed matches, would they also sell these as tips on Facebook, thereby attracting attention to weird patterns and potentially ruining everything?
  • If they could be making big money on such football matches, would they need to sell tips for 20 Euros? Even 200 Euros looks stupid as they should have won so much from previous matches, thus making it crazy for them to start a tip-selling business.
There's also some shrewd marketing behind these Pages to convince people that these scammers do have access to a match fixing network.

Here's a couple of techniques I have seen some pages use and which seem to be a blueprint in the "How to scam fools through football" guide:
  • Post freebies - this involves posting free tips to convince people there information is 1,000,000% reliable. I must admit that I was at first baffled by this as some tips were good and had been posted well before the matches, and in some cases, these were exact scores, meaning luck was out of the window. I eventually however figured out how they must be doing this - simply post all various outcomes and scores before the match, then delete all the incorrect ones (and of course do not forget the insults and negative comments from the correct one - easily done by banning these users)
  • Show proofs of winnings - easily done by editing screenshots with Photoshop or any other software
Bottom line: if it's too good to be true, it's too good to be true!

However, in case you are wondering, here's how to win at football all the time: bet on Niklas Bendtner to score a hat trick whenever he plays. You can never lose.

100% WIN!!!

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