Jul 1, 2015

Who cares about new leads? Certainly not Emtel!

Choose very carefully.

I had previously written about Emtel's Airbox package and how they were now able to compete with Orange as a fibre optics provider in Mauritius. I signed up for the service on June 19 and was told multiple times that the installation would be done within 5 days as long as I was eligible for the service.

Emtel should seriously rethink their communication strategy as they have so far not even contacted me to inform me that the situation had changed. It turns out that tons of people are interested in the service and that they can no longer commit to the 5-day deadline due to the number of users signing up for the Airbox. They are now taking up to 30 days for the installation according to an article I found in a newspaper.

I would not have minded if Emtel had at least taken the trouble to inform me of this, but apparently this would take too much time to do. Considering I provided them with both my email and mobile number, it is amazing that they could not:

  1. send an email/newsletter to let people know they cannot hold their promise of installing Airbox within 5 days. This would normally be considered spam as I did not sign up for their newsletter, but I think such a situation can be an exception.
  2. or send an SMS. This is even more surprising since they do offer push notification packages as another service, yet cannot do so when engaging with their own customers.
Apparently, in 2015, a post on Facebook is more than enough for these kinds of messages. Why, Emtel, WHY???

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