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There's room for improvement in the Debonairs delivery service

If it exists, use it.

I've been ordering pizza deliveries from Debonairs for several years and they are always amazing. The food is great (except for that one time where I ordered a pizza that did not go well with my stomach but that's probably my fault for going too far out of my comfort zone), the drivers are always here within a reasonable delay, and ordering from them is a breeze. In fact, they are the only ones I order home deliveries from and will do so as long as pizza exists.

There's just one thing about Debonairs that bugs me though. Since I've ordered numerous times from them, my phone number is already stored on their management information system. When I give them my phone number to place tmy order, I guess* they input my number in the system and all my details pop up, including my name and address. This is proven by the fact that they always say my name (warning: Breaking Bad spoilers) after I've given them my landline number.  I'm guessing they can also view my previous orders by pressing another button, probably F12.

And here's where I'm bugged. The drivers always call back to ask me directions to reach my place. It's not annoying but it got me thinking. My question is: why don't they save the directions in their system? Or use maps, whether printed ones or the amazingly good Google Maps which incredibly enough gives directions and has killed maps forever? I'm moreover in a very easy to reach place that doesn't require paragraphs of directions. Surely it would not be difficult to have a field in their system to store main directions. Obviously, there are some places where you always need directions but in 2015, it should not be that difficult to figure out how to get from your office to another place, especially if that is part of your core business.

Obviously, you should still have to use some kind of validation to make sure the order is genuine. I am again guessing* that they use caller ID and that if I'm calling from the same phone number I used before, it's a straightforward step. If I'm calling from another number, they can just call me back to confirm the delivery is at the same address I've used before.

Imagine how much more effective they would be if they started doing this.

*Although I'm actually cheating as I worked part-time at a well-known pizza place in London which I won't name and which does only pick-ups and deliveries. Although there was no field in the system to put addresses, we would "cheat" by putting the most important tip in the address field itself or even other fields. And we would also use maps, with a (literally) huge one plastered opposite the delivery rack.

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