The problem with LinkedIn

I used to admire LinkedIn. It served a purpose, had a solid business model and meant recruiters could easily find me and contact me. LinkedIn had the amazing advantage of doing three things that could seemed contradictory at first glance but worked in its unique ecosystem:
Provide me with a convenient place to host my resumeAllow me to contact recruiters and peersDo so without being an addictive platform like Facebook or Twitter (my personal opinion)
Basically, the sweet thing about LinkedIn is that you could just create your profile and only log in when absolutely necessary such as when you changed jobs or earned a new qualification. LinkedIn had a definite purpose and everybody was using it the way it was meant to be utilized: as a platform to connect recruiters and prospective candidates and to allow professionals to grow their networks and showcase their skills.

Then, things changed. People started using LinkedIn as a way to get in touch with key executives to sell their products o…

2 overrated authors you should avoid

Because they care about "opinions"

This is my list of popular authors that I can consider overrated. I am posting it here for posterity.

Mary Higgins Clark - I actually blogged about one of her books before. You should read it. Since then, I have read several more books by Mary Higgins Clark and most of them were very bad. A couple were decent but I had trouble finishing several of her books. In most cases, her writing is tedious and it's impossible to relate to the characters. My conclusion is that she became popular by relying on a couple of really awesome and well-written books, and then consistently churning out crap on a regular basis so that her name would stay relevant.

Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Code was a best-selling novel and you'd expect it to be pretty sweet. In some ways, it is a great book but it also suffers from bland writing. It's also full of inaccuracies and is in my opinion too straight-forward plot-wise. Since reading The Da Vinci Code more than 10 years ago, I have had the honor of reading his other books, including Digital Fortress recently where his fondness for publishing inaccuracies is amazing.

And remember, you can't spell opinion without onion!


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