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4 common Internet myths DEBUNKED

In no particular order. I came up with the idea of writing this post after a discussion with someone about the .tv domain.

1) .tv top-level domains originally had absolutely nothing to do with televisions. They were created for the country Tuvalu but have been snapped up in a frenzy by people who at once saw the opportunity of having a domain ending with TV. And yes, nobody knows where the hell Tuvalu is.

2) Shopping online is as secure as shopping in a traditional store. You just need to use your common sense just like you would do when shopping in Port Louis or Bagatelle. If paying by card over the Internet sounds super scary, sign up for a PayPal account but even card payment is safe as long as you are not buying stuff through shady websites. To eliminate these risks, do your online shopping on reputed websites only and when doubt strikes, do some research about the website through Google or Startpage. A simple search using "the website's name + reviews" usually suffices to inform you whether a website is safe or not. Here's a very visual example of a search for a website you should not rely on.

3) What happens online does not necessarily stay online. And the true Digital Age is getting perilously close. Use social media at your own risks. Or better yet, limit your social media use. YOU are the product of social media, not the other way round. I find it funny how so many people have absolutely no problem working for free for Facebook but are always complaining about their job.

4) It is extremely easy to fake emails. Those fake emails you get daily in your inbox and junk folders do not require extensive programming skills and can be done via numerous free online tools (just do a search). The good news is that most of these tools are not good enough to circumvent your email provider's spam tool.

Note: I wrote only four instead of the standard five because I'm a rebel!

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