Dec 2, 2015

The Mauritius newspaper L'Express has had a website makeover

And it's really slick. You can visit the new website at It's visually great and there's tons of things to like about it.

L'Express homepage

I however have two major gripes with it:

  1. I now have to scroll down to skim through the headlines as the new layout means each article takes more space on the homepage.
  2. I frequently get errors when viewing the website on my Samsung Tab 4 which runs Firefox - usually unresponsive scripts.
I also feel the homepage* is needlessly long and there are tons of unused space. This again lead to a lot of needless scrolling.

*Note: I'm focusing on the homepage because it's usually the only page I check to keep up with the news in Mauritius - too much news-reading is actually a bad thing.

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