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Need fiber optics in Mauritius? Here's how to get an appointment with Orange

In mid-December, I wrote about how difficult it was to get Orange to upgrade my Internet package to fibre optics. You can read the post here.

I was thankfully able to get things sorted out and my Internet's been upgrade as shown below. I have the ADSL 75GB data package which comes with in-built wifi. The speed is pretty sweet but I haven't done much downloading.

I'm 0.4Mb/s short

For those who are still struggling to get an appointment, here's how to proceed:
1) Go to an Orange shop. It's the only way that works. Don't bother using the online form on the Orange website. Apparently, it's useless.
2) Bring your ID with you and, if the telephone line is not under your name, you also need to bring a letter signed by the landline owner.
3) Get in the queue.
3) Fill in the service request form.
4) Wait until someone from the Orange technical team contacts you.

Once someone contacts you, they will ask you whether you want them to come in the morning or afternoon. Unfortunately, it seems that the technical team has a propensity to never show up on occasions, which I'm guessing is a result of a hectic time plan. Check out the user posts on their Facebook page and you'll see many users complaining about taking days off and the technicians never showing up.

The best thing to do would thus be to schedule an afternoon visit and drop whatever you're doing only when the technicians contact you to confirm that they are indeed coming. Of course, this degree of flexibility may not work for everyone.

Here's also what not to do when things go awry:
1) Do not phone the hotlines. They have generic messages and will tell you to keep waiting.
2) See above.
3) See below.
4) Phone the hotlines you must not. Generic messages they will say and angrier you will get.

And if nothing works, there's only one solution left. Share this post!

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